It’s A Wrap – My India Travel Winds to an End…

1517524_10153533338007814_4022378033956713321_nHello everyone … I’m back :)

Wow, what an incredible 12 month Journey. It will take many months for me to process all that truly took place in IndiaNepalSriLanka.

Adventure, Culture, Food, Spirituality, Mega Healing/Realization/Awakening, Gurus, Monks, Swamis, Past Life Experiences … and a whole lot of other stuff from other dimensions that I’m not yet sure I can put into words.
And did I mention food? Well, let me say it again … FOOD … SO DELICIOUS!!!
Anyway, here I am, back in the part of the world where there is internet connectivity, and where I have a mind that is somewhere closer to Earth than where it has been.

I reached South Africa on Nov 11, but spent 2 weeks in hospital. Got out a couple of weeks back, super-overdosed on steroids, so I’m in a bit of a recovery stage right now as I continue to learn how to manage this Addison’s disease companion of mine.
But it’s all good and part of my growing pains.

Anyhoo … this was really just to say Hi and to give you a teeny insight into what’s coming up, so you can decide whether you’d like to subscribe or not:

I’m pretty sure I’ll recap my Journey, but since there are so many levels – photography, food, spirituality, healing, culture, adventure, nature etc. – to unravel, I only expect this to be done very slowly, over a long period of time. I will share things as I reflect and process them myself, because it’s all still such a haze.
For example … just have a look at what went down in the final 4 weeks of the Journey and you’ll get an idea of my haziness …

But while that goes on in the background, my real focus of energy is on FOOD. Expect to see a lot on the FOOD Front – from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tibet and the South African Indian Community … plus my own twists and fusions that I’ve developed through the year, cooking in different scenarios – Indian homes, ashrams with a single gas cooker, a fully equipped, modern and westernised apartment in Bombay and a village kitchen in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal … so much diversity challenged me endlessly to come up with creative ways I never knew existed. PLUS … check out That Indian Food Guy – Your Mobile Chef, to see what I’m up to in Johannesburg!

Okay, that’s me for now. Still in recovery and also taking my time to adjust to Western society and all this technology that I knew so well, but which feels awfully foreign right now. So please bear with me, as I find my balance.

Thank you so much for sticking by me through all of this. I truly appreciate you and look forward to creating a Happy Life, together with you!

I’m not sure how often I will post something new. If you’d like to keep in tune with everything, as it happens, please fill out the Subscription Form just below this.

Okey Dokey. Gonna take some time out now. Will chat again soon.


(‘Namaste’ Meaning: “I honor that place within you, where the Divine resides, from that place within me, where the Divine resides.”)

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India Travel Journal: Stumbling Into India’s Shady ‘Underground’

You read it correctly.
My India Travel Journal  just took an unexpected turn.IMG_3036

I took a stroll off the beaten track yesterday, as I like to do, to check out what’s happening amongst the locals – where and what they’re eating – but I didn’t know I was stepping right into the middle of an ‘Underground Deal’.
Thankfully, I had my camera with me, having got permission from the shopkeeper, to grab some photos of his food.
It was on the table next to me when I felt a shift in the energy, so I surreptitiously captured some shots. (you can pause and move the images forward, manually, if it changes too quickly for you): Continue reading

Fish Curry with Green Mango Recipe

IMG_20140510_105644It is very seldom that I prepare a meal and feel that I have ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT … but this time, I have :)
This Fish Curry with Green Mango Recipe is a Philen-Fusion of:

* Durban’s World Famous Fish

* My Mother’s Lesser-Known, but IMG_20140516_145337
   Improved Variation on that
* My Aunty Shanti’s Green Mango
   Twist to it all

Enjoy … seriously.
And if you’re cooking for guests, make sure you cook enough, because they’ll be dishing seconds! Continue reading

4 Guests, One Wok and a Gas Cooker … What a Day!

My beautiful pictureI started at 10am, with a walk to the local market where my shopping love (addiction) kicked in! Then back to my ashram dorm, where I set up a makeshift kitchen around my single gas cooker. And then I settled in for 7hrs of CREATIVE BLISS, as I prepared a farewell dining experience for my dear, dear friend from Ireland, together with 3 of our beautiful ashram friends that represented Ireland, South Africa, Germany, India, Croatia and Hungary!
I loved every bit of the day and was reminded throughout, of how much of a passion I have for food and the experience of sharing it, as a way of uniting cultures.
Here’s a trip, in pics

So … here’s what was on the menu. Continue reading