Green Chilli Pickle Recipe

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Ok. So by now…
You should have found yourself a genuine Indian spice outlet, and you should have a well stocked spice rack,
You’ve learned how to cook a Mutton (Lamb) Curry, and
You’ve learned to cook a Sugar Beans and Potato curry.
What you’ve also learned is the basic process that we will be using to cook many meat and vegetable dishes, because the process remains very similar throughout.
Remember, the taste is as much in the ingredients, as it is in the way you cook the meal (heat, timing, and the order in which you add ingredients)
So, what do we do this week…

Well, to tell you the truth, if you’re inviting people around for a South African Indian curry, the table is set, but there’s something missing…

So that’s what we’re going to look at today. As usual, I will give you the basic recipe, but there is no chance that I will divulge secrets that my Mother has passed on to me, only … (since she didn’t have a daughter, and I proved my worth through years of grinding through the menial work of peeling, cutting, chopping, cleaning etc., she finally – at age 24 – decided to hand over ALL the tricks of the trade … some that were passed down to her, and others that she developed through years of being married to an Indian man)

So here we go. You have everything you need, except two … so you’ll need to go visit your spice aunty and ask her for 50g of Methi seeds, and a nice big bottle of pickle masala.
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How to Cook a Lamb Curry

Due to some sensitivity to my previous tongue-in-cheek style. I have decided to update this one :)
So switch on your curry brain and let me show you How to Cook a Lamb Curry

Please make sure you have read this post before attempting to go any further

A Bit of History
The Durban Indian curry recipe has a history of approximately 150 years, when Indians were first brought over to South Africa, as labourers. They came with all their spices but, over time, these ran out and they needed to adjust their recipes to use what was readily available. Today, Durban holds the largest population of Indians in a city, outside of India, and the Durban curry recipe is something, uniquely South African.

TIP #1: A heavy-based, non-stick pot, with a lid that lets no steam escape, is fundamental.

TIP #2: Timing and heat management is what separates apprentice, from cook, from chef. Bottom line: the more you practice, the better your curry tastes, so HAVE FUN in your kitchen!

IMG_2367The Durban-Style Lamb Curry (Mutton is best, but needs lots of practice)
Feeds 4-6

TIP #3: Prepare yourself for 1hr of preparation and 1hr of cooking

TIP #4: If you take just one shortcut from the ingredients or preparation instructions, you will affect the taste/texture of the meal. True story.

DISCLAIMER: There is no ONE correct recipe, each household has its own variations. I also trailed my Mother in the kitchen, for many years, before I learned all the secrets, so I won’t be sharing these. But the following is the basic and essential foundation for cooking any meat curry, South-African-Indian-Style Continue reading